Different take on newspapers

I am a bit tired packing, writing strategy papers and generaly doing very little journalism. To get from the mood, I thought I will get a bit different take on newspapers, and fetched a couple of videos. I think it is clear from the third video newspapers do have a future, albeit perhaps a bit different from what they themselves think.

It is Difficult to be a Photographer

I  wrote a few posts about photographers and issues surrounding them, especialy rules. Today I found this page on a weblog that I visited for the first time. I loved it so much, I thought I will share the link to this page: Is it difficult to be a Photographer

Is it Fairness and Balance or Honesty and Bias that users need?

“Anytime judgment is involved, unbiased opinion is not possible,” is the opening sentence of a blog entry on journalism published at Under the Same Sun here. This fed into an article at Politico.com about new and highly controversial ways the AP (Associated Press) now promotes, mostly in writing analysis but increasingly in writing stories.

iPod Enabled Jacket from M&S

This is definitely an Apple week. After the problems with people not being able to register their new 3G iPhones to O2 network, the mania reached the Marks and Spencer and throuh them, us. My wife and son went shopping – and this is what they brought – the “iPod enabled jacket”.


The weatherman said that this weekend and Monday are most probably the only three days this summer without the “monsoon”  rains England is getting from early summer. So we went on our probably last family trip here in the UK – a full day out at Woburn Safari Park. Some pictures:

News Agencies and Photos

As a News Agency you generally do not want to become news. You are there to bring the news, not to be a subject. Especially not if this is for the wrong reasons, like the doctored photo from an Iranian rocket launch Iranian News Agency (IRNA) published and then had to retract. See here the New York Times story. Or when Chinese news agency had to apologise for something far […]

Agencies as the new newspapers?

 Jeff Jarvis made interesting comments here regarding new division of “labour” in the internet age, in this case among newspapers and Google (or somebody – Google is a metaphor). His point is that everybody should be doing what they are best at, and he considers that: Newspapers are in the wrong businesses. They should no longer be in the manufacturing and distribution businesses — which have become heavy cost yokes […]

A new digital toy

A kind man from Amazon (well not really Amazon, but rather a delivery service) turned up tonight and brought D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected (click here or here for video).  In todays digital world of promises far outpacing reality in many consumer products I was amazed to have it up and running within our home wireless network in about ten minutes including installation of the software on the computer.  The movies, […]