Link or steal

There has been quite a debate recently about the announcement by the Associated Press that they will protect their news by a code that will enable them to show who is using their content without paying for it. I am not sure everyone in the debate discussed the same thing, but in any case it was and is quite useful. Among others we had an intervention by Chris Ahearn from […]


Just a little note from my previous life in London. A fox in our back yard, photographed by my friend Stan Mundil. And this is just off Hampstead Heath. Foxes in gardens are good. They frighten the unbelievably arrogant and annoying grey squirrels.

Where do the twain meet?

“Citizen Journalism Networks Stepping Up Editorial Standards,” states DigiDave in his recent post. Just as he does I try to avoid the “professionals good – amateurs wrong” (or vice versa, which is far more frequent) debate about journalism, since I think it mostly exaggerates and misses the point. My view is that these two branches have certain elements common and actually need each other. And both need to reform. That […]