Basic Info:

Born in 1957 in Prague, Czech Republic (well, actually it was Czechoslovakia when I was born). Resident of Prague. Lived in New Delhi, India (four years), New York City, NY, US (four years), London, UK (seven years), Djakarta, Indonesia (three years) and in Prague for most of the time in-between.


Formerly UK Correspondent of the Czech News Agency (CTK), correspondent of CTK in New York and before that in New Delhi. Formerly also Deputy Editor of the CTK News. From Aug 1st, 2008 Director of News, CTK. From June 10th 2011 CEO of CTK.

Co-author (with fellow CTK correspondent and good friend Stanislav Mundil) of two books about international politics – Washington do uzaverky (out of print) and in 2007 Washington mezi Seinou a Temzi (out of print).

Interests (in no order):

Journalism of any kind, Photography, Travel, Writing, Books, Digital Media, Digital Toys, Anything that flies except for UFOs, Cooking. Anything regarding law. Movies and videos when watched and re-watched and re-re-watched with my family. Quotes from Samotari, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Saturnin, Three Men in the Boat, Yes Prime Minister, Yes Minister, Svejk. Biographies.

What I read on paper or online and favourite podcasts and blogs:

Economist, Slate, Hospodářské noviny, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CTK – of course, BBC Start the Week, BBC News Quiz,  BBC Thinking Allowed.

Favourite Journalists (in no order):

Andrew Marr, Jeremy Paxman, Karel Čapek, Howard Kurtz, Mark Kermode. William Safire. Bob Woodward. Many of my colleagues in CTK.

Favourite Recipes:

Too many of those, my wife would say.

But, between you and me, bramborak, something that should not be translated into English as “potato pancake”. But, alas, that is what everybody does. I have yet to find a restaurant which makes them realy well – this is simply the ultimate dish to be made at home.

For a full discussion on bramboraky follow this link.

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Personal Motto:

Semper Aliquid Novi

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