The “Top Ten” in 2008 season

So we got rid of Santa and now there are a few days for producing the Top lists for 2008 in everything. Do not wory, I am not going to add my take on it. I do what I do best and link to the rest 😉 So I thought it might be an interesting idea to provide links to various lists connected with media, that I found interesting. Enjoy

A Newspaper Czar?

It was bound to happen. Since the US Government is trying to save the US car industry a debate about what else is worthy enough to be saved by Government intervention was inevitable. As it was inevitable that someone will point out that newspapers are so important, that they should, perhaps, be the next target as Brian Lambert says here. I always found it interesting how monarchistic the Americans sometime […]

CTK NewsTwitter

I feel I should add a bit more about our Twitter feeds, an issue I mentioned briefly in my last post. We started experimenting with Twitter very recently, after a complete redesign of Ceske Noviny and its sister publications (,, and for those still speaking only English at which took place over the summer after a long and thorough preparation. Since I was not part of that (I […]

Coming back

Well, so we moved back to Prague, unpacked and after pretty mad few months, I feel I can start updating this blog. Our new project in online media is testing Twitter as news platform. So far we are just running test with couple of hiches apparent already, but mostly everything is running smoothly in Czech at and in English at

iPod Enabled Jacket from M&S

This is definitely an Apple week. After the problems with people not being able to register their new 3G iPhones to O2 network, the mania reached the Marks and Spencer and throuh them, us. My wife and son went shopping – and this is what they brought – the “iPod enabled jacket”.

Agencies as the new newspapers?

 Jeff Jarvis made interesting comments here regarding new division of “labour” in the internet age, in this case among newspapers and Google (or somebody – Google is a metaphor). His point is that everybody should be doing what they are best at, and he considers that: Newspapers are in the wrong businesses. They should no longer be in the manufacturing and distribution businesses — which have become heavy cost yokes […]