Czech Study: Social Media as a News Source? (via EJO)

Journalists often claim that social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, have become important news sources, but have they? Researchers from Charles University in Prague studied Czech media to establish to what extent traditional journalistic methods are being replaced by social media platforms. More on the study here

NY Times’ New Policy on quotes

Politico quotes new policy in effect now at the New York Times: “[S]tarting now, we want to draw a clear line on this. Citing Times policy, reporters should say no if a source demands, as a condition of an interview, that quotes be submitted afterward to the source or a press aide to review, approve or edit,” the new policy states. The reason given by the NYT is unreasonable pressure […]

Link or steal

There has been quite a debate recently about the announcement by the Associated Press that they will protect their news by a code that will enable them to show who is using their content without paying for it. I am not sure everyone in the debate discussed the same thing, but in any case it was and is quite useful. Among others we had an intervention by Chris Ahearn from […]

Article of the Future

Starting from scratch is what not many people do. It is not natural, sometimes not quite useful (my fellow fans of Zdenek Jirotka´s book Saturnin will know exactly what I mean) but in other instances it can be very innovative and revealing. I think one such project was recently announced by Elsevier and is called The Article of the Future.

The Empire Strikes Back

The Washington Post has been at the receiving end of the new media gurus and “print-is-dead-squads”. It is interesting, therefore, to see WP´s new effort boldly called Innovations in News – The latest creations from Slate and The Washington Post (sponsored by, who else, 3rd Generation Prius – which, I guess, is important).

Naming the Names – Part Two

When asked by the Czech TV what is the worst feature of the new “gagging law” (media law) directed at the Czech media, I said that it is the fact that it makes journalists much more vulnerable due to uncertainty of how this law is going to be applied. And that proved to be the case.

The “Top Ten” in 2008 season

So we got rid of Santa and now there are a few days for producing the Top lists for 2008 in everything. Do not wory, I am not going to add my take on it. I do what I do best and link to the rest 😉 So I thought it might be an interesting idea to provide links to various lists connected with media, that I found interesting. Enjoy

The French v Google, part Two…

Eric Scherer writes on AFP´s Mediawatch blog about what must have been a very interesting debate among some bosses of French publishing houses and Google. It was a lot about sharing, I wrote about in my previous post. The issue is not the sharing, but what is the right, and fair share. Google was not in the mood. And this was their advice: Get more traffic via better distribution of […]