Fotoreportér ČTK Michal Doležal vypráví v ČT24 o roce 1989

Před čtvrt stoletím se účastnil protestů proti režimu, a to jako fotograf tehdejší Československé tiskové kanceláře. “Kdyby člověk neochutnal, jak je zle, tak by nevěděl, jak je dobře. Jsem velmi rád, že jsem u toho byl,” říká Michal Doležal, i dnes fotograf ČTK. Celý rozhovor na webu ČT24:

Are the iPhone and iPad ready to become professional tools for journalists?

I never expected to actually cover the Guardian Changing Media Summit 2012. I went there as a CEO to meet people and listen to their ideas. But then I realised that since Tomas Bella from Piano Media of Slovakia is among the speakers and is well known among media professionals both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I probably should go the extra mile and cover the event for my […]

Bonsai in Prague Botanical Garden Troja

Today, I went to see Bonsai exhibition at Prague Botanical Garden in Troja, which will be on for a few more days. I loved it. And there are some photos for you, but not before this: I would have loved to point you to their website, but Google says it is toxic, so who am I to doubt or even challenge the verdict of the almighty Google Safebrowsing. The poor […]

London in winter

There were many photos of London and England under the snow published today by the wires. This one is a personal one. “Our” London yard, taken by the present occupant of our former London house, Stan.

Anatomy of a rumour

Rumours, which are basically stories that are not, are a fascinating subject. Not only for journalists but of course for us too. Here is an anatomy of one, explained by Scott Kelby who unintentionally started it himself.

It is Difficult to be a Photographer

I  wrote a few posts about photographers and issues surrounding them, especialy rules. Today I found this page on a weblog that I visited for the first time. I loved it so much, I thought I will share the link to this page: Is it difficult to be a Photographer


The weatherman said that this weekend and Monday are most probably the only three days this summer without the “monsoon”  rains England is getting from early summer. So we went on our probably last family trip here in the UK – a full day out at Woburn Safari Park. Some pictures:

News Agencies and Photos

As a News Agency you generally do not want to become news. You are there to bring the news, not to be a subject. Especially not if this is for the wrong reasons, like the doctored photo from an Iranian rocket launch Iranian News Agency (IRNA) published and then had to retract. See here the New York Times story. Or when Chinese news agency had to apologise for something far […]