Newspaper decline continues to weigh on AP earnings – SFGate Earnings at The Associated Press shrank substantially last year, reports the agency. The last year with which they can be meaningfully compared is 2013 (in 2015 and 2014 when profits were boosted by one-time operations) Net income last year shrank to $1.6 million from $3.3 million in 2013, net income at the AP. The agency is a not-for-profit news cooperative. According to CFO Ken Dale the agency is financially […]

This Tool Can Help You Disappear from the Internet –

“If you’re interested in downsizing your online footprint, a tool called could be a huge help,” wrote David Z. Morris on website last November (full article at: If you use Gmail as your primary email account, “log in to through Google, and the service will do a deep dive into your records and pull up every social media site, mailing list, and online store you’ve ever signed up […]

SEJ: Let Your Facebook Organic Reach Grow…

Usualy I read how useless Facebook is for “spreading the message”. But here is an interesting study how to work with Insights data to grow the organic reach. By Jim Belosic at Search Engine Journal. Let Your Facebook Organic Reach Grow in a Month | SEJ.

On How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

Jeff Tomin gave his five tips on how to respond to negative reviews online in an article on Shelly Palmer’s blog: 5 Quick Tips on How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online — Shelly Palmer. While one can devise any number of quick tips, the most important is – as Jeff Tomin writes – to understand that while responding we speak not only to the one unhappy customer but to all […]

Czech Study: Social Media as a News Source? (via EJO)

Journalists often claim that social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, have become important news sources, but have they? Researchers from Charles University in Prague studied Czech media to establish to what extent traditional journalistic methods are being replaced by social media platforms. More on the study here

Projev na pohřbu Jiřího Havla

Milá paní Havlová, milá Kateřino a další členové rodiny, milí přátelé, dámy a pánové. Jirka by si to určitě vybavil, ale já už nevím, co nás dva v září 1968 svedlo do jedné lavice v nově založené primě Akademického gymnázia ve Štěpánské. Byli jsme tehdy předmětem jakéhosi vzdělávacího experimentu. A musím říci, že z našeho pohledu se experiment podařil. Našli jsme nejen jeden druhého, báječné kantory, ale také mnoho dalších kamarádů a […]