On How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online

Jeff Tomin gave his five tips on how to respond to negative reviews online in an article on Shelly Palmer’s blog: 5 Quick Tips on How to Respond to Negative Reviews Online — Shelly Palmer.

While one can devise any number of quick tips, the most important is – as Jeff Tomin writes – to understand that while responding we speak not only to the one unhappy customer but to all and most importantly to many prospective customers.

What is also important to understand, is that not every negative review will instantly kill the business – but stupid reaction to it will go a long way in exactly that direction. Especially if media notice and start reporting on a dispute. That is why it is necessary to take time first to decide whether to respond and only then how.

What we are aiming at is not to win a debate but to preserve and protect reputation and show prospective customers that they can trust us that in case of problem we will try to solve the situation.