Reuters on CTK on November 20th, 1989

PRAGUE, Nov 20, Reuter – The official Czechoslovak news agency showed an unprecedented openness in reporting on Monday’s demonstration by more than 100,000 people calling for the ousting of hardline Communist leader Milos Jakes.

The CTK agency had previously described participants at smaller protests as anti-socialist forces, often adding that criminal elements were involved. But it said Monday’s protest was carried out by “non-aggressive” students.

CTK, which had not reported so far on the slogans and chants of protesters other than to condemn them as “slanders”, reported on Monday that demonstrators “express strong disagreement at the action taken by riot police” in crushing a student rally on Friday.

“The slogans and banners express discontent with the government, demand political pluralism, free elections and radical reforms,” CTK said.