Seminář o ČTK v říjnu 2011

Pravda, uplynulo už mnoho vody od doby, kdy jsme uspořádali tento seminář. Přesto bych nerad, aby zapadl. I na našem webu ( je na něj odkaz poměrně hodně zapadlý a kdo neví, co hledá, tak ho sotva najde. Myslím, že je dobré na něj upozornit i s takovýmto zpožděním i proto, že v některých rozhovorech, které jsem po něm dával, jsou na něj odkazy.   Seminář jsme uspořádali proto, že […]

Link or steal

There has been quite a debate recently about the announcement by the Associated Press that they will protect their news by a code that will enable them to show who is using their content without paying for it. I am not sure everyone in the debate discussed the same thing, but in any case it was and is quite useful. Among others we had an intervention by Chris Ahearn from […]

A Newspaper Czar?

It was bound to happen. Since the US Government is trying to save the US car industry a debate about what else is worthy enough to be saved by Government intervention was inevitable. As it was inevitable that someone will point out that newspapers are so important, that they should, perhaps, be the next target as Brian Lambert says here. I always found it interesting how monarchistic the Americans sometime […]

Agencies as the new newspapers?

 Jeff Jarvis made interesting comments here regarding new division of “labour” in the internet age, in this case among newspapers and Google (or somebody – Google is a metaphor). His point is that everybody should be doing what they are best at, and he considers that: Newspapers are in the wrong businesses. They should no longer be in the manufacturing and distribution businesses — which have become heavy cost yokes […]