Link or steal

There has been quite a debate recently about the announcement by the Associated Press that they will protect their news by a code that will enable them to show who is using their content without paying for it. I am not sure everyone in the debate discussed the same thing, but in any case it was and is quite useful. Among others we had an intervention by Chris Ahearn from […]

Anatomy of a rumour

Rumours, which are basically stories that are not, are a fascinating subject. Not only for journalists but of course for us too. Here is an anatomy of one, explained by Scott Kelby who unintentionally started it himself.

A New Approach to Financing the News?

After I finished my post about Twitter I went “out” browsing and found a very interesting information here about  The Kaiser Family Foundation is starting a news service to produce in-depth coverage of the policy and politics of health care, both for an independent Web site and in collaborations with mainstream news organizations.

CTK NewsTwitter

I feel I should add a bit more about our Twitter feeds, an issue I mentioned briefly in my last post. We started experimenting with Twitter very recently, after a complete redesign of Ceske Noviny and its sister publications (,, and for those still speaking only English at which took place over the summer after a long and thorough preparation. Since I was not part of that (I […]

It is Difficult to be a Photographer

I  wrote a few posts about photographers and issues surrounding them, especialy rules. Today I found this page on a weblog that I visited for the first time. I loved it so much, I thought I will share the link to this page: Is it difficult to be a Photographer