NY Times’ New Policy on quotes

Politico quotes new policy in effect now at the New York Times: “[S]tarting now, we want to draw a clear line on this. Citing Times policy, reporters should say no if a source demands, as a condition of an interview, that quotes be submitted afterward to the source or a press aide to review, approve or edit,” the new policy states. The reason given by the NYT is unreasonable pressure […]

Kachny, teorie spiknutí a fakta o ČTK

Přišel mi e-mail od studentky jedné z mediálních fakult, že prý dopisuje diplomovou práci o Četce. A že prý (jí nejmenovaný) bývalý člen Rady ČTK přišel s informací, že ČTK je hospodářsky na dně, a jak to tedy je. Potěšilo mne, že si tu informaci snaží ověřit. To je totiž mnohem více, než co dělá většina z těch, kteří o ČTK v poslední době psali, zejména na různých webech. To, co […]

Naming the Names – Part Three

There is a development in the Czech gagging law. A group of 34 Senators filed a case against with the Constitutional court last week. The Senators want the Court to find that the ban on publishing wiretaps and naming the accused by the police are unconstitutional. They want to keep the legal provision that naming the victims of certain crimes is still a criminal offence bearing up to five years […]

Naming the Names – Part Two

When asked by the Czech TV what is the worst feature of the new “gagging law” (media law) directed at the Czech media, I said that it is the fact that it makes journalists much more vulnerable due to uncertainty of how this law is going to be applied. And that proved to be the case.

BBC Gaza Appeal Controversy

The BBC has taken quite an unusual step by its top guy, Director General and Editor-in-Chief Mark Thompson explaining editorial decision not to broadcast the Gaza Appeal by DEC here. It has some strong reasoning from journalistic point of view and is, I think, an interesting addition to debate about journalistic ethics.

How to draw President Bush

This item is just a link. Ever wondered how to draw President George W. Bush? Now, few days before he becomes history, we finaly know. It can be done in three lines, as Daryl Cagle writes here.