The “Top Ten” in 2008 season

So we got rid of Santa and now there are a few days for producing the Top lists for 2008 in everything. Do not wory, I am not going to add my take on it. I do what I do best and link to the rest 😉 So I thought it might be an interesting idea to provide links to various lists connected with media, that I found interesting. Enjoy

The Top Ten Digital Media Trends and their influence on freelancers: here.

The Top Ten Media Blunders of 2008 by Politico (and only from the US perspective and despite that, interestingly, almost irrelevant for the rest of the world): here.

The Ten Worst Media myths on economy in 2008: here.

The Top Ten Mobile web products of 2008 (and a few other interesting Top Ten lists): here.

The Top Ten Viral Ads of 2008 by the Guardian: here

The Top Ten Moments in Participatory News: here.

The Time Top Ten Green Stories: here and their Top Ten Unreported Stories: here

The Top Ten Social Bookmarking Sites: here

And finally, a bit of sex in the media: here