This Tool Can Help You Disappear from the Internet –

“If you’re interested in downsizing your online footprint, a tool called could be a huge help,” wrote David Z. Morris on website last November (full article at:

If you use Gmail as your primary email account, “log in to through Google, and the service will do a deep dive into your records and pull up every social media site, mailing list, and online store you’ve ever signed up for,” says David.

For me this is the first time I see some use in keeping all the emails. Otherwise one of the reasons for me NOT to use Gmail as my primary account has always been the fact that Google makes it so difficult to delete stuff forever. BTW – I cannot confirm how actually works – they provide no explanation themselves and rather ask you to log-in and start using them.

Most probably we will see more of such tools in the future. And, of course, vendors will try to protect themselves, so it could become quite interesting.